30 day Support packages

Installation advice

You do the actual installation yourself, but we talk you through the process step-by-step, providing guidance and answering questions. Only standard FarCry installation packages from the FarCry website are covered; custom solutions from alternative source code are excluded. All help must be installation-related.

Advice is available for both Windows and Linux-based platforms.

Login installation

We login to your server, install, and test FarCry. A build from source code is done if you desire. We also configure FarCry for your environment, and install (if requested) ColdFusion MX.

You receive a written follow-up report detailing all steps taken. We also answer any installation-related questions. Once 30 days is up, if you buy annual support you receive a credit for 50% of your installation cost.

We perform login installs only on Windows-based machines.