Consulting, Training & Support Services

This combination of skills means that whether you are updating an existing web-based business application to take advantage of the latest products and technologies, or are planning a completely new project, Daemon can provide the professional guidance, technical expertise and real-world experience you are looking for.

webTeam Support Services

Daemon offers a range of flexible support packages that enable you to get the help you need when you need it.

Wireframe Workshop

A wireframe workshop helps to organise the non technical and technical planning required at the outset of any web project. Wireframe documentation offers a blueprint of a website that maps information, technical requirements and business rules.

Sitemap Workshop

A site map workshop is an exercise in information architecture where the current and planned information in a web site or application is modelled. The workshops are designed to moderate and coordinate the voices of various stakeholders, helping to build a consensus and overarching philosophy on the site hierarchy. The outcome is a site map designed to achieve a cohesive and logical organising and labelling structure.

FarCry Platform

Daemon has instructor based training courses for both Developers and Contributors. If you need to get up to speed on FarCry we can offer a variety of set curriculum or alternatively prepare a training solution that is tailored for your specific requirements and customisations.

ColdFusion Consulting & Support

Daemon offers high level ColdFusion consulting from performance tuning to application troubleshooting.