FarCry Platform

We have unparalleled expertise in the FarCry Platform codebase, design, and its dependencies. We've written most of FarCry by ourselves, and we've seen a number of FarCry deployments, both big and small, good and bad. So let our expertise help you.

Development Services

If you are already using FarCry but need some custom features implemented (either in the FarCry Core or as plugins), or if some bugs are affecting your use of FarCry, we can help you with our expertise and our influence in the FarCry community. 

Consulting Services

If you have some pain points and/or otherwise unsure about how to get the most out of your FarCry deployment, we can help you. For example: Assess existing or planned deployment of FarCry to minimize the operation overhead and maximize automation Train/guide your staff on day-to-day administration/management of FarCry. Investigate problems that you are experiencing with the FarCry deployment

Training Services

Daemon has instructor based training courses for both Developers and Contributors.  If you need to get up to speed on FarCry we can offer a variety of set curriculum or alternatively prepare a training solution that is tailored for your specific requirements and customisations.

FarCry Core Changes

It's possible to accelerate the development of core features, the repair of specific issues and so on through "Sponsoring Enhancements". Although open source, the Daemon engineering team works daily with the FarCry code base and so is ideally positioned to address and prioritize product specific issues on behalf of clients.

Fast Track to FarCry Contributor

The FarCry Contributor course is an introduction to the FarCry Open Source Content Management System. Students learn how to manage their content and maintain their website.

FarCry Developer Training Course

The FarCry Developers Course is designed to introduce the concepts of the FarCry Open Source Content Management System and teach experienced ColdFusion developers how to install, customise and optimise web apps based on the FarCry Platform.