Advanced ColdFusion 8 Development

Course Price:  $1595 (Including GST)


Advanced ColdFusion 8 Development provides ColdFusion application developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice that they need to build, maintain, and scale effective web applications. Topics include using the Application Framework, manipulating complex data in arrays and structures, structuring your code with ColdFusion Components, gracefully handling errors and exceptions, encapsulating your user-interface with custom tags, creating and consuming web services, leveraging .NET assemblies, creating and manipulating PDF content, and working with highly interactive interfaces using Adobe Livecycle forms. This course focuses on creating and delivering scalable and well-performing applications.


This course is for developers with prior ColdFusion experience. To take this course, you should have:

  • Completed the Fast Track to ColdFusion 8 course, or other equivalent experience
    building ColdFusion applications.
  • Experience developing web applications using ColdFusion for at least three months
    upon completion of the Fast Track to ColdFusion 8 course.
  • Practical experience using CFML tags, functions, and variables.
  • Practical experience with the SQL command set, including SELECT, INSERT, and

Course Outline:

Introducing the Course

  • About the Course
  • Course Overview
  • Prerequistes
  • Course Format

Introduction to Components

  • Creating ColdFusion Components
  • Introducing CFC Syntax
  • Invoking Static CFC Methods
  • Using the Application Framework
  • Logging with
  •  Locking Shared Scope Variables

Manipulating Lists and Queries

  • Creating Lists
  • Manipulating Lists with Functions
  • The Query Object
  • Summarizing and Grouping Data
  • Transaction Processing
  • Querying a Query
  • Uploading Data with

Manipulating Data with Arrays and Structures

  • Using Arrays
  • Manipulating Arrays with Functions
  • Using Structures
  • Manipulating Structures with Functions
  • Looping over Structures
  • Using Built-In ColdFusion Data Structures
  • Combining Data Structures
  • Copying Complex Variables with Duplicate()

Advanced Component Concepts

  • Instance-Based Components
  • Instantiating Instance-based Components
  • Associating Data with Components
  • Using the Getter/Setter Approach
  • Restricting Method Invocation
  • Restricting Component Methods by User Role
  • Using Built-In Components
  • Prototyping Components with

Handling Errors and Exceptions

  • Introducing Error Handling
  • Site-wide Error Handler
  • Application-Wide Error Handling
  • Implementing the try/catch Methodology
  • Exception Handling Frameworks

Code and Content Reuse

  • Creating Custom Tags
  • Calling Custom Tags
  • Creating CFML Simple Nested Custom Tags
  • .NET Integration with ColdFusion 8
  • Creating Web Services
  • Calling Web Services

Working with PDF Files and Forms

  • Generate PDF Files from ColdFusion
  • Manipulating PDF Files with
  • Pre-filling PDF Forms
  • Posting Data from a PDF Form to ColdFusion

Data and File Manipulation in ColdFusion

  • Manipulating Image Data with
  • Reading and Storing Image Data
  • Image Processing
  • Creating RSS Feeds
  • Consuming RSS Feeds

Scaling Applications

  • Caching Recordsets
  • Caching Generated Results with
  • Caching Entire Page Results
  • Using Asynchronous Processes to Improve Performance