ColdFusion Consulting & Support

Daemon offers high level consulting from performance tuning to application troubleshooting.

Security Review

Security Review helps identify and address the potential threats to your web application, and helps to protect your valuable and/ or sensitive organisational information.

Launch Assurance

Launch Assurance Service is designed to identify and, where possible, rectify the factors that can lead to poor application performance, or even application failure, once deployed within a production environment.

Server Administration

Server Administration Review helps you establish the optimal server environment for your site, encouraging the creation of applications that perform better and are easier to support. Code Review Code Review helps confirm that your coding practices will continue to provide the best possible performance, stability, and scalability for your web application.

Front End Optimisation (FEO)

The time it takes to load a web site and complete a task has a direct impact on user engagement, and consequently revenue. Given a choice between multiple competing sites, users tend to prefer those that are faster. Our team will improve the performance of your web site.