Digital Strategy

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Strategic Consulting

Site Map Workshops

An exercise in information architecture where the current and planned content in a web site or application is modelled. The workshops are designed to moderate and coordinate the voices of various stakeholders, helping to build a consensus and overarching philosophy on the site hierarchy.

See our “Site Map Workshop” brochure for more details.

Wireframing Workshops

Helps to organise the non technical and technical planning required at the outset of any web project. Wireframe documentation offers a blueprint of a website that maps information, technical requirements and business rules.

See our “Wireframe Workshop” brochure for more details.

SEO & Media Placement

Daemon can provide in-depth site profile analysis and keyword research, coupled with monthly reporting and targeted online marketing strategies. SEO recommendations can be augmented by professional content copy writing, and online media placements, including list procurement and email broadcasts